Extracted from Marcons own sales information.

“It is of paramount importance that the reliability and strength of your hull is ensured by it being constructed in a Lloyd’s Approved Works and with Lloyd’s Approved materials But of even more importance is that it is inspected at every crucial stage of construction by a Lloyd’s Qualified Surveyor. This will ensure that the correct materials are used to the right thickness and of consistent quality”

LOA 7.7m 25ft 4in
LWL 6.1m 20ft 0in
Beam 2.6m 8ft 6in
Draft (fin keel) 1.4m 4ft 8in
Draft (twin keel) 0.9m 3ft 0in
Displacement 2,300kg 5,066lb
Ballast 1,000kg 2,200lb
Ballast ratio 43%
Sail Area 12.7sq.m 137sq.ft
No 1 Jib 13.9sq.m 150sq.ft
No 2 Jib 6.9sq.m 75sq.ft
No 1 Genoa 21.3sq.m 230sq.ft
No 2 Genoa 16.7sq.m 180sq.ft

Sail information supplied by Kemps


I: 30.37  P: 25.48  J: 10.23  E: 8.98

Metric (m)

1: 9.26   P: 7.77   J: 3.12  E: 2.74


The following engineering drawings give some of the Tomahawk plans

Tomahawk 3D engineering drawing

Tomahawk Boom engineering drawing

Tomahawk layout engineering drawing












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