Welcome to Tomahawk 25!

Welcome to the new Tomahawk Owners Association website. The site is now live, bit still in it’s early stages.

Important: For returning users, you will need to have a new account set up for this site. Please contact Ian Bremner or Tony Hepworth to get set up (details can be found on the contacts page)

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  1. tony.hepworth tony.hepworth says:


  2. Imogen.andJohn says:

    This Newsflash item is more than 4 years old!!!

  3. doug.baynton says:

    Hi Guys can you please update the contacts email for me to : dougbaynton@hotmail.co.uk

    Cheers, site looks great and easy to use……….

  4. brian.hobbs says:

    Dear all i am pleased to be able to access the site.
    i will send a photo of my boat in the Tamar. we sail on Tuesday race night at Mosquito sailing club. i also intend repeating last years run to Fowey. Ladyjane was 4th in a fleet of 15 beating a catamaran.
    good winds to all.

  5. brian.hobbs says:

    looking through my home port is the river Tamar Plymouth( we are on the Cornish side Torpoint)

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