Concerns about the TOA – paper by Gordon Keyte

Concerns about the TOA
Dear TOA Committee,
The Annual General meeting will soon be upon us and I would like to share some concerns with you, concerning the TOA and its future. For some time, I’ve had concerns about the TOA and what it offers to members. The website mentions the aims as ‘to share information between owners, to hold rallies and increase the benefits of owning a Tomahawk’.
• As far as rallies are concerned, the only activity is the successful East Coast rallies, those previously organised in the Solent area having now died away. No rallies are held elsewhere in the UK.
• Technical information is sometimes included in the Bulletin and these are held on the web site but this needs to be organised in a logical manner.
• There appears to be very little interaction between members (or between committee members!) and there are no social events, apart from the AGM.
• It has become increasingly difficult to find material for the bulletin and, as treasurer, I am very conscious that we offer very little for the annual sub of £10.
I therefore propose the following changes:
1. The TOA should continue but with a focus on providing technical information to members – thus making use of the considerable number of technical articles and data that we already
2. The technical information should be available to members from a secure part of the website and we should use some of the funds in the TOA account to better organise this data within the website,
3. A membership list should still be maintained and copies sent to members by post – it would be up to members to contact each other to organise rallies or other social events, much as the
East Coast rally now,
4. The bulletin should be produced annually with (if possible) new technical articles and reports of any social events both planned and to take place,
5. Existing members should be offered continuing free membership and new members charged £10. When it becomes necessary, a small fee should be charged to pay for web site and any secretarial costs,
6. The committee should be reduced in size to five – commodore, vice commodore, secretary, treasurer and a technical coordinator.
Perhaps this idea can be discussed at the AGM in January? For information, the TOA bank account stands at £2826.09 and there are currently 27 members (including Honorary Members).
Regards, Gordon

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