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Buy between 1 and 5 tickets at £12.00 each – and get a FREE ticket with each purchased ticket


Tickets are valid ANY DAY including Preview Day on Friday 15th September.
Tickets can be ordered up to MIDNIGHT on Thursday 14th September.
Youngsters 15 years or under go free (up to two per accompanying adult) provided tickets for them are requested when ordering adult tickets.
A single transaction fee of £1.95 applies whether ordering one or more tickets.
Tickets are only available as ‘Print at Home’ via the Southampton Boat Show website.


Click on BUY TICKETS at top/right of homepage.
Click on BUY NOW in the boxed-out section….. ‘Entry Tickets Only / Any Day flexible tickets’.
Enter and submit Promotional Code JG1. This will bring up the ticket ordering sequence which is straightforward to follow.
You may be asked to select the day you expect to visit. This is merely to help the organiser predict visitor numbers for logistical purposes. The tickets you receive will be valid for ANY single day including Preview Day.

Terms & Conditions – these apply to John Goode Promotional Tickets only.

This offer is only available to persons contacted or made aware of the offer via John Goode (individually referred to as an “Eligible Person”). An Eligible Person will be provided with a code which must be entered into the Show ticketing website and will entitle them to one Standard ticket at a discounted rate of £12.00. A transaction fee of £1.95 will be applied to all purchased tickets, which shall apply per transaction and not per ticket. Upon purchasing a discounted ticket under clause 61, an Eligible Person will receive this ticket via email and will also receive one free Standard ticket via email. An Eligible Person is entitled to purchase up to five discounted Standard tickets (with a matching amount of free Standard tickets) only via this offer. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel and/or void any tickets (whether discounted or free) obtained in excess of this under this offer. Free and discounted tickets under this offer will be valid on any one day between the 15th September 2017 and 24th September 2017. Purchasing and/or presentation of a ticket (whether free or discounted) under this offer for Show admission is subject to the terms and conditions for i) General Ticket Purchases and ii) John Goode Promotional Tickets. In the event of a conflict between these terms, the precedence shall be: i) John Goode Promotional Tickets terms and conditions; and ii) General Ticket Purchases terms and conditions. Tickets will not be sent by post. Tickets will be sent via email and must be printed and provided at the Show on the day of intended admission. Tickets are valid for one admission only. Upon exit from the Show visitors will not be re-admitted. The Organiser reserves the right to amend or remove this offer at any time. Subject to clause 69, this offer is available whilst stocks last, but will in any event shall close at 23.59pm on September 14th 2017. This offer is not available on the gate. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Tickets (whether free or purchased) cannot be exchanged, or transferred, nor may they be resold for commercial gain. The face value of a free ticket is £0.00. Full terms and conditions here




East Coast Rally July 2017


Friday July 7 – Friday July 14 2017

Malibu, Ceilidh, Varuna & Vandini at Halfpenny Pier, Harwich

The Tomahawk Owners’ Association has arranged an East Coast Rally for all Tomahawk owners and friends from July 7th – 14th 2017. We plan to head north up the coast again this year and make for the Deben. Full moon on the Sunday, with Spring tides peaking on Tuesday. Provisional itinerary below, subject as always to wind strength and direction.

Friday 7th Meet at Bradwell Marina  (HW 12.19). Dinner in The Green Man 19.00

Saturday 8th HW Bradwell 12.58. Leave 11.30  (LW Harwich 19.00). Halfpenny Pier

Sunday 9th Leave Harwich 07.30 (LW 07.00) LW Woodbridge Haven 06.45.
Cross Bar 09.00. Woodbridge Marina (HW 13.45) Barbecue.

Monday 10th Depart Woodbridge 14.00 (HW 14.20). Ramsholt Arms

Tuesday11th Depart Ramsholt 08.00 (LW W/B Haven 07.30) Cross Deben Bar 09.30
(HW W/B Haven 14.07). Shotley Marina (LW Harwich 14.22)

Wednesday 12th Depart Shotley 08.30 (LW Harwich 09.00) Anchor in Pyefleet (HW Brightlingsea 15.07). Barbecue ashore, if weather allows.

Thursday 13th Leave Pyefleet 12.00. Arrive Rowhedge14.00. Leave Rowhedge 15.30
HW Brightlingsea 15.41

Friday 14th Depart Brightlingsea 11.00 (LW 10.20) Osea for lunch (HW 16.45)

If you would like to join us, please contact Don Baines (Malibu – MMSI 235033149);
01621 853979; Mob : 07596 508812, email:

If you are not able to sail that week, but would like to drive round and join us at one of our overnight moorings for a social please call Don on his mobile before setting out.


The Association’s AGM will be held on Sunday 19th February 2017 at 12.00hrs.
The venue will be the RNLI College, West Quay Road, Poole, Dorset, Post code BH15 1HZ at 1130a.m. for 12.00 noon start.
A lunch has been arranged, so that after the official business we can settle down to a good meal and chin wag before setting off home. We need to know numbers and menu choices by the 6th February at the latest. Email Menu attached.
The agenda follows, and the Commodore’s and Treasurer’s reports will be sent out in advance of the AGM so that members have time to digest the contents before the event. This should reduce the time allotted to the formalities and allow more time for socialising.
We still have a few vacancies on the Committee so if you would like to help please let me know.
Tony Hepworth TOA Secretary
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of last AGM held 24th January 2016
3. Matters Arising
4. To receive the Commodore’s Report and presentation of the Commodore’s pennant to an “ordinary member” who has contributed to the success of the Association over the past year
5. To receive the Treasurer’s Report
6. To receive the Secretary’s Report
7. Election of Commodore – Graham Farley nominated
8. Election of Treasurer – Gordon Keyte nominated
9. Election of Secretary – Tony Hepworth nominated
10. Election of Bulletin Editor – Gordon Keyte nominated
11. To discuss paper on TOA restructuring from Gordon Keyte
12. Election of Committee – Bill Garrod, Don Baines, Doug Baynton nominated
13. TOA 2017 programme including dates of Rallies
14. Venue for future AGMs
15. Any Other Business (Motions, Website

Concerns about the TOA – paper by Gordon Keyte

Concerns about the TOA
Dear TOA Committee,
The Annual General meeting will soon be upon us and I would like to share some concerns with you, concerning the TOA and its future. For some time, I’ve had concerns about the TOA and what it offers to members. The website mentions the aims as ‘to share information between owners, to hold rallies and increase the benefits of owning a Tomahawk’.
• As far as rallies are concerned, the only activity is the successful East Coast rallies, those previously organised in the Solent area having now died away. No rallies are held elsewhere in the UK.
• Technical information is sometimes included in the Bulletin and these are held on the web site but this needs to be organised in a logical manner.
• There appears to be very little interaction between members (or between committee members!) and there are no social events, apart from the AGM.
• It has become increasingly difficult to find material for the bulletin and, as treasurer, I am very conscious that we offer very little for the annual sub of £10.
I therefore propose the following changes:
1. The TOA should continue but with a focus on providing technical information to members – thus making use of the considerable number of technical articles and data that we already
2. The technical information should be available to members from a secure part of the website and we should use some of the funds in the TOA account to better organise this data within the website,
3. A membership list should still be maintained and copies sent to members by post – it would be up to members to contact each other to organise rallies or other social events, much as the
East Coast rally now,
4. The bulletin should be produced annually with (if possible) new technical articles and reports of any social events both planned and to take place,
5. Existing members should be offered continuing free membership and new members charged £10. When it becomes necessary, a small fee should be charged to pay for web site and any secretarial costs,
6. The committee should be reduced in size to five – commodore, vice commodore, secretary, treasurer and a technical coordinator.
Perhaps this idea can be discussed at the AGM in January? For information, the TOA bank account stands at £2826.09 and there are currently 27 members (including Honorary Members).
Regards, Gordon

Treasurer’s Report 2017

Tomahawk Owners Association – Treasurer’s Report for 2016
The balance sheet for 2016 is shown below together with the 2015 balance sheet for comparison:
2015         2016

Income: Subscriptions                         £306.00    £231.00
Burgee sales                                           –             –
Miscellaneous                                      £5.00          –
Total                                                  £311.00     £231.00

AGM room hire                                        –             –
TOA Bulletin copying and postage         £10.00      £10.00
Website expenses                                £36.30      £36.30
Postage, etc, (Secretary)                      £10.00      £10.00
Trophy engraving                                     –              –
Burgee materials                                      –              –
Total                                                   £56.30       £56.30
Excess income                                     £254.70     £174.70

Balance at 1st January 2015, 2016      £2340.38     £2595.08
Balance at 1st January 2016, 2017      £2595.08     £2769.78

Notes: Subscriptions are again lower than for 2015, due to some unpaid subscriptions. Again, some members paid £12.00 rather than £10.00 and there was one payment of £15.00 which explains why the total is not a multiple of 10.
There has been little in the way of expenditure other than website costs and some secretarial and treasurer expenses, mainly for stamps and a little copying.
The TOA bank balance stands at £2769.78.

Gordon Keyte, Hon Treasurer.

Commodore’s Report Feb 2017

Commodore’s Report 2016

The Tomahawk Association was conceived to communicate, inform and share information with Tomahawk owners. It uses the website, newsletters, meetings, rallies to achieve this.

A quiet year 2016 in sailing terms for Tomahawks, Doug and myself did get on the water along with Gordon for our East Coast Rally but numbers down not helped with Don not launching Malibu after a hip operation. Let’s hope 2017 is a busier year on the water for all of us!

It was suggested  at last year’s AGM that we hold our next AGM in Poole. Don Baines explored the  use of the RNLI College in Poole as a meeting place.  The intention was to identify a venue that would be more easily accessible to members in the south, southwest and midlands.

Don has said he will be attending the AGM and I have asked him to act as temporary Commodore on this occasion.

Doug and I support the idea of the Poole venue which hopefully will raise the attendance and interest of Southern members. However we both feel the same about the impractical nature of the return journey from Essex.

Eastern members (Don, Doug and I) met informally in January so that we could consider Gordon’s email suggestions/changes as well as submit our ideas/questions to the AGM.

We agreed at our meeting that it is very important that we do try to reach out to ordinary members across the country – there is a danger that the TOA is seen to be an Eastern counties affair, and we need to involve people from a wider geographical area.

Our suggestions

  • 1) Whatever the location future meetings are held in April to facilitate bringing the ladies. Hopefully warmer weather will make travel and staying more enticing as well as avoiding the sailing season.
  • 2) Trial of new AGM venue and decision on future locations based on take up of members.
  • 3) Better communication between members using the current Facebook page or creating a new page. Facebook has really developed since the original suggestion to create a page.
  • 4) Retain the webpage for holding technical data for members.
  • 5) Link Facebook to the webpage and the webpage to Facebook.
  • 6) Charge a membership fee for a new member that lasts for a three year period.
  • 7) Existing members are given gratis three years’ membership.
  • 8) Investigate costs for a workshop/article publication to be given to new and existing members.
  • 9) Reduction of committee members.

The Tomahawk Pennant award:

This is presented to someone who has excelled in supporting the Association during the year or indeed over the years. All will be revealed at the AGM……..

Round The Island Race (Isle of Wight):

The Commodore trophy is presented to the highest Tomahawk Owners Association member – Mojave was the only entrant but retired due to lively conditions.

Welcome to new members:

Paul Sibley who now owns Mojave III based in the Solent area,

Frederick Bell who now owns Wigwam based in Ireland

Graham Farley




Welcome to Tomahawk 25!

Welcome to the new Tomahawk Owners Association website. The site is now live, bit still in it’s early stages.

Important: For returning users, you will need to have a new account set up for this site. Please contact Ian Bremner or Tony Hepworth to get set up (details can be found on the contacts page)