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Tomahawk Owners on Facebook

Tomahawk Owners on Facebook    


In 2014 Imogen Makepeace set up a Facebook group called Tomahawk Owners, so owners

could share their experiences with fellow sailors. Only 5 joined, however, this allowed us to

share pictures, experiences and information easily.

The Tomahawk owners group on Facebook has been set up as a Closed group, which allows

everybody to find the group, but only shares postings if you are accepted as a member.

I would like to reach out for more owners to use this group. So if you are already a Facebook

user, just bring up Facebook from your Mobile or PC, then type in the Search box Tomahawk Owners and select it.

You will then be presented with a screen similar to below, where you just click on Join Group



Once you have been accepted to the group you can; write posts, add pictures, events or in

info you can view; members, Videos, Photos, Albums, Events etc.

If you do not have an account, it is quick and easy to register:

You need; Your name, email address, DOB, gender and a new password.

Then to create your own account, just enter on your PC or install the


Facebook App on your phone and register.

  1. You can change your preferences to limit adverts, manage who sees your information

and notifications you receive etc.

Doug Baynton


Commodore’s Report Feb 2017

Commodore’s Report 2016

The Tomahawk Association was conceived to communicate, inform and share information with Tomahawk owners. It uses the website, newsletters, meetings, rallies to achieve this.

A quiet year 2016 in sailing terms for Tomahawks, Doug and myself did get on the water along with Gordon for our East Coast Rally but numbers down not helped with Don not launching Malibu after a hip operation. Let’s hope 2017 is a busier year on the water for all of us!

It was suggested  at last year’s AGM that we hold our next AGM in Poole. Don Baines explored the  use of the RNLI College in Poole as a meeting place.  The intention was to identify a venue that would be more easily accessible to members in the south, southwest and midlands.

Don has said he will be attending the AGM and I have asked him to act as temporary Commodore on this occasion.

Doug and I support the idea of the Poole venue which hopefully will raise the attendance and interest of Southern members. However we both feel the same about the impractical nature of the return journey from Essex.

Eastern members (Don, Doug and I) met informally in January so that we could consider Gordon’s email suggestions/changes as well as submit our ideas/questions to the AGM.

We agreed at our meeting that it is very important that we do try to reach out to ordinary members across the country – there is a danger that the TOA is seen to be an Eastern counties affair, and we need to involve people from a wider geographical area.

Our suggestions

  • 1) Whatever the location future meetings are held in April to facilitate bringing the ladies. Hopefully warmer weather will make travel and staying more enticing as well as avoiding the sailing season.
  • 2) Trial of new AGM venue and decision on future locations based on take up of members.
  • 3) Better communication between members using the current Facebook page or creating a new page. Facebook has really developed since the original suggestion to create a page.
  • 4) Retain the webpage for holding technical data for members.
  • 5) Link Facebook to the webpage and the webpage to Facebook.
  • 6) Charge a membership fee for a new member that lasts for a three year period.
  • 7) Existing members are given gratis three years’ membership.
  • 8) Investigate costs for a workshop/article publication to be given to new and existing members.
  • 9) Reduction of committee members.

The Tomahawk Pennant award:

This is presented to someone who has excelled in supporting the Association during the year or indeed over the years. All will be revealed at the AGM……..

Round The Island Race (Isle of Wight):

The Commodore trophy is presented to the highest Tomahawk Owners Association member – Mojave was the only entrant but retired due to lively conditions.

Welcome to new members:

Paul Sibley who now owns Mojave III based in the Solent area,

Frederick Bell who now owns Wigwam based in Ireland

Graham Farley